Why proper Agile training is important

Why proper Agile training is important

In any work environment, there are a few relationships happening, both visible and invisible.

Employees allocate their time and knowledge to accomplish organizational objectives, organizations reward them by paying salaries.


Organizations respect their employees and treat them well at work and understand them, employees work diligently, as they like who they work for.


These relationships are reciprocal as well. It is a simple concept of putting yourself in their shoes and they do the same.


Implementing Agile in an organization is not an exception either.


Organizations need to provide enough training and support to their teams and teams need to merge Agile into their day to day activities to accomplish organizational objectives.


Moving to Agile can be a challenging exercise for some teams. In this case, the training team should work closely with organizational staff to ensure they have enough confidence to run Agile.


The moral of the story is you get what you give. An organization cannot expect the complete engagement of staff when they haven’t received enough training. Staff will be better at applying Agile in their work if the company has provided enough training and support to them.